Industrial goth rockers Dead Dark Slide combine descriptive lyrics with shredding guitars to create death metal with a twist. The Florida natives use their talents to push boundaries, creating a sound that is as captivating as it is terrifying. Their vast range of influences include Type O Negative, EYEHATEGOD and Ministry.

2013 has been a busy year for Dead Dark Slide. They have been in the studio recording their upcoming album “Zombies Like Candy.” The album's lead single “Your Blood Runs Red” highlights growling vocals over a tormented triad. Their guitar is wailing, the drums relentless and the keyboards dark and ominous, chilling you to your bone. Dead Dark Slide take a multi-media approach to their music, supporting their expressive songs with striking visuals and haunting music videos.

Dead Dark Slide – made up of Ryan Michalski (vocals)( guitar) (drums) (bass guitar) (keyboards) are the future of metal, taking inspiration from industrial pioneers while bringing in a modern electronic element. Their sinister sounds will infect your soul until the only music you want to hear is that of Dead Dark Slide.

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