“I Am Dead” es cuanto menos una obra singular. Los creadores de este trabajo no son otros que DEAD DARK SLIDE, un combo que combina elementos industriales como Metal extremo como puede ser el Death Metal, pero todo ello de una manera única. Con ello no quiero decir que sea mejor ni peor, solamente que me ha sorprendido escuchar un trabajo tan singular.

Lo primero que te llama la atención en “I Am Dead” es el lento ritmo que imprimen estos músicos a su música. Gracias a ese ritmo podemos degustar con más calma unas voces que varían entre las graves y las gritonas agresivas, mientras que la distorsión tanto en guitarra como en el bajo consigue construir unos ambientes densos y sombríos, retumbando en nuestra cabeza los altos niveles de groove que incorporan DEAD DARK SLIDE. Pero también hay espacio para unas melodías pesadas y pasajes de confusión auditiva que crea mayor barullo en los temas.


DEAD DARK SLIDE son de ese tipo de bandas experimentales que o bien te da frio o bien te da calor, pero nunca te deja indiferente. Yo que tú aceptaría el reto y daría unas buenas escuchas a este “I Am Dead”.


Dead Games Records (2014)

Puntuación: 6,5/10 


I Am Dead EP

Dead Games (2014)
Rating: 6/10

Dead Dark Slide are “the future of metal”, so says the press release for this Floridian bunch of industrial-influenced goth rockers formed in 2013. I Am Dead is the work of four members – vocalist / guitarist Ryan Michalski, bassist Jim Dead, drummer Ed Eats and keyboardist Kevin Killer – and offers us five tracks which should appeal to anyone who likes their metal music a little bit different, but extremely dark all the same.

For me, this is the sort of EP that may have worked far better if it had been released around 1992 (or even the late 90s into nu-metal banality) because it thrives on dark, gothic atmospherics, creeping soundtrack-styled dramatics and industrialised weirdness.

Fans of bands such as Ministry, Type O Negative and suffocating old school goth music will probably lap up the blood that drops from the cracks of this EP, but for me it’s a case of unintentional mimicry. It’s all well and good churning out these seemingly sinister chops, beats and grunge-coated gurgles which attempt to fuse early White Zombie with electronic, but the main issue I have is that two of my favourite bands come from this same very black hole.

The first is Swiss experimentalists Swamp Terrorists; a frightful duo who released a batch of avant-garde yet metallic records such as Grim-Stroke-Disease (1990) and Grow-Speed-Injection (1991). They combined samples not just from films, but other bands in their quest to join robotic heavy metal with creepier effects, and vocally the band incorporated an industrialised sneer. The second act and the main comparison which springs to mind is G.G.F.H. (Global Genocide Forget Heaven), a truly sinister duo of lunatics from Oakland, California who constructed some of the most horrifyingly atmospheric records that would put a majority of black metal bands to shame in their emanation of evil, featuring grim vocal slurps over a thick, smoggy sort of industrial-tinged sound that was also compromised of eerie twinkles, creepy trickles and macabre electronica.

Mainman Ryan Michalski and company must surely have heard of G.G.F.H, because as this relatively short EP lumbers along I’m reminded time and time again of the Californian weirdos who were indulging in this sort of seediness back in the early 90s, resulting in such nightmarish creations as Eclipse (1991) and the Reality EP (1992).

Dead Dark Slide bring the same sort of chilling, gluey, belching quicksand to the table, but they lack the true chilling qualities to compete with the big boys. Although the vocals are morbid grunts and snarls, and the music billows like some uncontrollable toxic fire, there is a tendency for this EP to drag, with opener ‘The Seas Are Black’ struggling to separate itself from the similarly turgid ‘Just Die’. Both tracks offer a swampy guitar sound which kind of labours as Michalski smirks and mocks with the contempt of a serial killer.

‘Your Blood Runs Red’ attempts further drones of horror, although this time the vocals are a touch clearer, ridden with angst and more suited to the nu-metal aesthetics of muscular vocabulary, even with the extra element of standard gothic keyboard moan.

‘Summer Never Ends’ continues the trend of the grating effect; the drone of the guitar and the angry vocals lack the blood-curdling atmospherics of the first two songs and again the track seems to labour, grinding along without any real impact or variety before ‘Watching You Bleed’ comes marching in with another stodgy riff. Thankfully the vocals have resorted to that darker vein, but it’s too little too late for a band that could probably reach a few fans if they were to support Marilyn Manson, but as it stands, from my point of view anyway, I Am Dead is a rather dull affair lacking an overall nastiness and imagination to compete in the shock horror stakes. 



Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dead Dark Slide/I Am Dead/Dead Games Records/2014 EP Review

  Dead  Dark  Slide  are  a  band  from  Florida  that  plays  a  mixture  of  industrial  and  gothic  rock  with  touches  of  death  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2014  ep  "I  Am  Dead"  which  was  released  by  Dead  Games  Records.

  Drum  beats  and  dark  sounding  guitar  riffs  start  off  the  ep  along  with  death  metal  growls  and  high  pitched  industrial  screams  and  you  can  also  hear  some  keyboards  in  the  background  and  they  keep  everything  in  a  slow  to  mid  paced  musical  direction  and  the  melodies  they  use  are  in  an  early  80's  gothic  rock  direction.

  You  can  hear  some  elements  of  post  punk  in  their  musical  sound  at  times  and  on  some  of  the  alter  songs  the  keyboards  start  sounding  more  powerful  along  with  a  very  atmospheric  feeling and  the  vocals  also  get  more  diverse  while  still  having  a  very  aggressive  sound  to  them  as  well  as  sounding  more  tormented  as  well  as  having  a  melodic  edge  to  them  at  times.

  Dead  Dark  Slide  creates  a  very  interesting  musical  style  that  takes  the  heaviness  of  industrial  metal,  the  melody  of  gothic  rock  and  the  death  metal  approach  to  vocals  to  create  a  sound  of  their  own,  the  production  sounds  very  dark  and  heavy  while  the  lyrics  cover  dark  and  depressive  themes.

In  my  opinion  Dead  Dark  Slide  are  a  very  great  sounding  mixture  of  industrial,  gothic  rock  and  death  metal  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  thos e musical  genres,  you  should  check  out  this  band.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "JUST  DIE"  "Watching  You  Bleed".  8  out  of  10. 



Dead Dark Slide-I am Dead


Dead Games Records

Ever wanted to like a band so bad only to hear it and immediately shudder?  On principles alone I should have dug this outfit. An industrial goth rock band whose influences include Gwar, White Zombie , Bauhaus,Type O Negative and Ministry? Count me in right? For Dead Slide it sounds great on paper and yet having listened to this a few times it has yet to overly impress me. If ever there was a band in need of a better and/or additional lead vocalist it would be this Florida  act. At first I thought it was just the first two tracks of this five-track. Horribly harsh to the point of being out of tune and simply dreadful both "The Seas Are Black" and "Just Die" made it difficult to to own up to to the prospect that this release was let then half the way through! So I did the logical thing and moved onto the album's lead single, "Your Blood Runs Red". somewhat better it is saved by the music which is actual none-to shabby. But, cool music with heavy guitars and cleaver keyboards is ruined when someone like Ryan Michalski (vocals, guitar) gives a half-ass performance where you are wondering if the band's claim to be "the future of metal" is meant to a LOL moment or not does not make it look or sound any better then it is! My advice to Dead Dark Slide would be add another vocalist to the mix or work on reining in Ryan's voice and his "I'll just bellow into the mic and we will just bury it in the mix" style. Just my two cents....

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NEWS Meet Industrial goth rockers Dead Dark Slide

Meet Industrial goth rockers Dead Dark Slide

08 May 2014 15:48

Industrial goth rockers Dead Dark Slide combine descriptive lyrics with shredding guitars to create death metal with a twist. The Florida natives use their talents to push boundaries, creating a sound that is as captivating as it is terrifying. Their vast range of influences include
Gwar, White Zombie , Bauhaus,Type O Negative, & Ministry.

2013 has been a busy year for Dead Dark Slide. They have been in the studio recording their upcoming album “feel the heat” The album's lead single “Your Blood Runs Red” highlights growling vocals over a tormented triad. Their guitar is wailing, the drums relentless and the keyboards dark and ominous, chilling you to your bone. Dead Dark Slide take a multi-media approach to their music, supporting their expressive songs with striking visuals and haunting music videos.
Dead Dark Slide – made up of Ryan Michalski (vocals, guitar) are the future of metal, taking inspiration from industrial pioneers while bringing in a modern electronic element. Their sinister sounds will infect your soul until the only music you want to hear is that of Dead Dark Slide.
Song order
1.The seas are black
3.your blood runs red
4.summer never ends
5.watching you bleed 


Dead Dark Slide

Some of the same local upstarts who brought you the industrial Diet of Worms and Old Wave-inflected Spaceking now deliver Dead Dark Slide, a project that incorporates elements of both. It's a little more hit-and-miss than previous endeavors, but still provides some interesting surprises and a couple of top-notch tunes. "Grim" could've played in the background during that scene in every John Hughes movie when it seems that true love might be unattainable (even though we know those two will hook up in the end). The Gothic string intro and breaks in "Sax & Violins" crop up unexpectedly, pleasing the ear, even though the track's heavy moments tend to drag. "Rape" evinces a nice Sisters of Mercy feel, while the drawn-out noise-collage of "GothicNEWStarwars" intrigues and "Gothicgirl" waxes dreamily. Unfortunately, the rest of the disc comes off as either plodding or engaging in ill-advised musical ideas. "Fish Bowl" typifies the more industrial-tinged tunes' tendencies toward monotony, and "Tree" blends sub-par recording sounds and performances. On the whole, this disc comes off as just a tad on the disappointing side, but there's still a number of worthy listens contained within.rates it 3 out of 5 stars

CorrectionIn last week's Music column, a principal of Bay area-based label Peephole Records was referred to as Heidi Peel; her legal name is actually Heidi Shaffer.

Music Critic Scott Harrell can be reached at 813-248-8888 ext. 109, or at 


dead dark slide CD review  

Feel The Heat is an epic compilation of track. Dead Dark Slide has a signature sound that blends metal and punk into perfect harmony. DDS is LOUD, crude, captivating and as terrifying at times as GWAR.

The album's lead single, "Your Blood Runs Red," is all you need to hear to be lured into the album. Relentless drums, dark and chilling keyboards and wailing guitars set the perfect background for vocalist Ryan Michalski to enthrall listeners with his distinct vocals.

Some of my personal favourites: Rain Never Stops, Grim & of course, the show-stopping—Your Blood Runs Red.

Fans of GWAR, Rob Zombie, Misfits, & Slayer (to name a few)---Will love the Dead Dark Slide  


Feel The Heat is an epic compilation of track. Dead Dark Slide has a signature sound that blends
 metal and punk into perfect harmony. DDS is LOUD, crude, captivating and as terrifying at times as GWAR.
The album's lead single, "Your Blood Runs Red," is all you need to hear to be lured into the album.
 Relentless drums, dark and chilling keyboards and wailing guitars set the perfect background for vocalist
 Ryan Michalski to enthrall listeners with his distinct vocals.
Some of my personal favourites: Rain Never Stops, Grim & of course, the show-stopping—Your 
Blood Runs Red.
Fans of GWAR, Rob Zombie, Misfits, & Slayer (to name a few)---Will love the Dead Dark Slide.
Track List:

your blood runs red
Rain never stops
 No one can tell you
hell is coming to terry you apart
F-cK Haet
Fish Bowl
Sax & Violins





Feel The Heat

Article posted on 24.02.2014 | 406 reads

DEAD DARK SLIDE endeavor to darkness.

With "Feel The Heat" wish the four - ahem - Gothic rocker on eight songs, the ultimate evil summon, or sing, or at least bring some way into the ears of the world. Unfortunately, the whole thing slips through the equitable production and shredding sound in pure comedy. An artwork that could put together in computer science teaching in Paint some fifth graders, a sound as fresh of a school band, and a song that is more punk than Gothic. Singer and guitarist Ryan Michalski border more or less unmelodic and monotonically through the songs that act total strung together and not very variable. In "Watching You Die", the underground song then slips even into the category satanic, deep grunt from. Only "No One Can Tell You" with its slightly 90ies-esque guitars some variety in stock. 

Overall, the eight songs nerves to 40 minutes of playing time abundantly through your hearing and want with bad singing and plenty of stereotypical lyrics about graveyards, individuality and suicide many clichés. Rarely as a grottige plate as part debut. 


 You are here: Home » Dead Dark Slide – Feel the Heat

Dead Dark Slide – Feel the Heat

Dead Dark Slide Feel the Heat

These Florida natives have found a rather dumbfounding way of enlightening their listeners to the peculiarly absurd, specifically that which is found in the darkest recesses of underground music from any veiled corner of its vast spectrum. Many bands emerge with great artistic wizardry, crafting an experimental opus so earth-shattering that it defies every expectation. Other bands spend countless hours draining themselves of every conceivable fuel, be it personal or financial, in the process of creating something that could eventually come to be as legendary as the Norse gods. Others use their limited budgets and skills to settle with what they feel is satisfactory, yet still stand high with promise and humility. However, Dead Dark Slide is a band who unfortunately do not even rise to that caliber with Feel the Heat. To put things rather bluntly, they have taken a different path of their own, something that is very much the opposite into the realms of what appears to be parody.

Upon making an attempt to write this review, it was difficult to find the appropriate release material (band biography, release notes, etc.) outside of their own self-gloating penciled hubris. The band have no previous releases outside of those in the Amazon digital store, and even more recent reviews were all but impossible to find; the vast matrix that is the internet simply didn’t hold any yield to my wanderings. I would later come to find out why. There is little on Feel the Heat to find love for or jettison laudable worship from ones ever-stretched vacated mouth for. I may be jaded at this point, and demand more from new artists fighting for their share of listeners; I may demand better musicianship, and some seriousness for your art. I may even be too negative, but who could blame me after I sat down to watch Dead Dark Slide’s home-made music video for the song “Your Blood Runs Red”, which would make the likes of the countless YouTube-based black metal parody acts like Gorgorotten laugh in utter disgust.

DDS (as they shall henceforth be referred to) are a hybrid of aggro-industrial and gothic rock that accentuate their sound with vague elements of death metal. To be fair, and in their own words, the sound is somewhat similar to Eyehategod and a hint of old-school Ministry, or of my own addition, elements of The Cure and Virgin Prunes. However, to even mention those three phenomenal iconic monoliths of gothic rock and aggro-industrial in comparison to these Florida natives is downright insulting. DDS manages to craft their work in a mediocre, half-baked attempt with Feel the Heat. Though they do show some potential in basic knowledge of song composition and musicianship, the album quickly falls apart once the light goes off and the “monsters” come out to play. Surely, even with those traits prevalent, when every song arbitrarily follows verse/chorus/verse patterns and poor execution of both riffing prowess and vocal performances, the tedious nature of Feel the Heat peeks its venomous head from a pile of asps and wisps into the listener’s direction, ready to inject its poison; except, that poison may as well be laughing serum.

In addition to this lack of originality, the album is simply incredibly boring and produced haphazardly. The guitar tonality is super thin and is more akin to a bottom-of-the-barrel, dime-store-varietyDarkthrone clone, and every song seems to end so abruptly that it feels like I’m listening to the last few seconds of each song on Immortal‘s Battles in the North. For all of those by now familiar with that release, every song seems to end out of nowhere without any hint of a cool down, fading, or climatic hard-hitting finale. The vocal style ranges from guttural death growls, “tough-guy” metalcore shouts, and a typical gothic-style monotony. The clean vocal melodies are still terrible enough, though, to make vocalists like Guggi or Gavin Fridays from Virgin Prunes appear to be classically trained opera singers. The only thing that I can honestly say that stands out on Feel the Heat are the synths that pepper each track, sometimes being a bit more ominous with the use of tri-tone choir progressions. I don’t have much to add in regards to the lyrical department, they are just as equally uninspired and juvenile in the end.

To give Feel the Heat some credit, it defiantly has a strange avant-garde persona that lurks underneath, and to even mention such a thing is a stretch of the imagination. Certain songs erect themselves upon a more metallic throne, having a quasi-fusion of their major influence, Eyehategod, and more of an “epic” leaning towards the likes of A Vision Bleak. Other tracks upon the slab of questionable quality border something that resembles early 80s post-punk and electro-pop. A great deal of industrial synth swaths and monotone melodic singing, as well as the rare moment of robotic auto-tune  that are reminiscent of tracks from darkwave favorite :Wumpscut:, or even Daft Punk, spice up an album that would otherwise stand short of being just passable. These lingering elements of Feel the Heat show that DDS’ frontman, Ryan Michalski, has more grasp on doing electro pop than anything that revolves around metal. What really brings everything back to the questionability of this entire fiasco is sub-par execution, poor production, childishly shallow lyrical content, and the fact that nothing on this album melds into an even moderately thought-out, cohesive singularity. One song is doom-laden hardcore, another is straight-forward death metal; other, still, are super sappy goth ballads. If Michalski actually fused them all into one well though-out cohesive track throughout, just maybe, this album would be something passable.

I am a person that is hard to please, especially when hubris shows higher than your musical talent. On the other hand, I still can not shake the feeling that this whole thing is parody to the point of absurdity. It was much too painful to get through the album without being possessed by that familiar very awkward dirty feeling. I’m not sure if it was due to the poorly fabricated, uninspired goth-pop approach, or the boring and contrived attempts at death metal. Perhaps it’s the tough-guy, immature and sappy lyrics. Dead Dark Slide’s Feel the Heat just ferments a stench of half-assed shenanigans. The only song on it that was actually good out of the ten was “Fuck Haet”, and even then, the lyrics really just destroyed its potential.

In the end, Feel the Heat is a juvenile attempt at cloning the likes of old school Ministry, Virgin Prunes, and even Joy Division. There is supposedly the humorous Type O Negative qualities here also, according to DDS, but it just falls ultimately short on its face.

Track List:

01) Your Blood Runs Red
02) Sick
03) Rain Never Stops
04) No One can Tell you
05) Hell is Coming to Terry you Apart
06) HaHaaa
07) Fuck Heat
08) Fish Bowl
09) Grimm
10) Sax & Violins

Rating: 3/5
Written by: Munnin
Label: Dead Games Records (United States) / N/A / Digital
Gothic Rock / Gothic Metal

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